Need to be done شرح

The first one sounds softer and less direct. Things still need to be done in that area

    التدريب ف البنك
  1. Both jobs need to be done on the same day
  2. Dont Need to Do—Not Necessary, but Possible
  3. ) النوافذ تحتاج أن تكون نظيفة
  4. need to be done
  5. E-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco still contain nicotine
  6. Linked lists are among the simplest and most common data structures
  7. Copy
  8. Now, doing something by a certain day is ambiguous
  9. needs doing - sounds like should be done as soon as possible
  10. People in the store describes the solution
  11. so) Cleft sentences (e
  12. Always know what youll pay upfront